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2D Animation:

2 dimensional animated graphics are a very good way to get information across to viewers in a simple manner. This technique to create visualisations can be used for any type of information you can think of. From promotional animations right through to educational, 2D animations are very impactive. The level of complexity can range from extremely basic like a simple line drawing up to extremely complex and even containing photographic elements.

I have created a wide range of 2D animations for a lot of industries and based on lots of different concepts. From two second animated GIF styles right up to long HD presentations including promotional adverts and in depth educational/instructional animations, to present complex ideas in a simple understandable fashion. Please see some of my latest projects below for an idea of what is possible and please contact me for a brief discussion if you have a requirement.
 2D animations for promotional and educational purposes
Gradus systems promotional/educational 2D animation:

This is a 2D animation I created for Gradus Ltd to show the benefits of their matting systems and to explain in detail how they work.

An effective barrier matting system, when correctly specified, will help to minimise the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of internal floor coverings by significantly reducing the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building

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2D animated cartoon produced for DIY conservatory quote
DIY Conservatory Quote promotional/educational 2D animation:

A 2D animation I created for DIY Conservatory Quote to show the benefits of their 'Konnect' system. Their Konnect locking allows you to lock pre-glazed frames together. Currently most systems on the market are supplied unglazed and you screw the frames together, fit the roof and then glaze the windows and doors - a difficult and time consuming process.

Their system allows you to lay out the sills and slide the panels together. You simply then take a Konnect cam, slot it into place and with a ¼ turn, lock it.

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2D animations and visual effects artist for hire
Elm productions promotional 2D animated video:

A 2D animation I created for Elm Productions who wanted a short video for their temporary  website landing page, while they were having their website created.

Elm productions are an experienced production company based in London specialising in creating engaging and original video content.

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